Flying The Singapore Airlines Suites

Flying The Singapore Airlines Suites in my opinion is the best way to fly. I’ve flown with them numerous times so I am hoping my reviews may be valid. This trip, I flew from Singapore to Zurich with their A380 suites.

The check in is always seamless at Changi international airport. A special porter will meet you in front of the airport to grab your luggage and a Singapore Airline staff will greet you and escort you to their special designated lounge to check in.

If I have time, I always  head up to their lounge, The Private Room, which is especially dedicated to the Singapore Airlines First Class and Suites passengers. No other partner airline passengers are allowed in this section so this lounge is always very tranquil.


My trip from Singapore to Zurich happened to be on a day where Singapore was drenched in a heavy thunderstorm that caused delays all over, so the lounge wasn’t as quiet but this doesn’t happen often.

Usually when you board a Suite, a flight attendant greets you half way in the aero-bridge but I boarded a bit late on this flight and it was full so no such greeting this time around. I was greeted at the door and escorted to my seat.


You are immediately offered a drink (champagne or whatever) before take off and are given pajamas and amenity kits for your flight. It is sponsored by Salvatore Ferragamo and the contents look like this.

7585929312_IMG_0012.jpgI always bring it back with me and give it away as gifts since there is a generous sized Salvatore Ferragamo perfume bottle inside. Also essential for the flight, hand cream and lip balm.

My flight took off a little after midnight so I passed on dinner and asked that my bed be made as soon as possible after take off.

GPTempDownload 3.jpg

So that’s my little bed for the night. The beds are spacious and comfortable although I’ve always thought that their pillows could be better. But I still slept like a baby, right through the turbulence, and woke  up a few hours before landing. Just in time for a little breakfast. Here’s a peek at their menu.

I chose their congee. Being half Asian, congee or chicken porridge is always comfort food. Food is always aplenty on Singapore Airline flights with lots of snacks if you get hungry throughout.


7585971312_IMG_0018 (1).jpg

What I find best about Singapore Airlines is the service of their crew. Every crew member seems to move about the cabin with grace and elegance not found in other airline crews. They have the ability to seamlessly prepare your meals with a minimum amount of clatter or chatter. There is always a soothing calm in the cabin. No loud noises or crew chatting away about the latest gossip.

Spacious seats, privacy, good food, excellent crew service. That is why I believe they are the best way to fly.


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